Extending light rail from Federal Way to Tacoma in 2030

We’re planning potential routes and stations for the Tacoma Dome Link Extension (TDLE), connecting Federal Way, Fife and Tacoma to the regional light rail network. As part of the 2016 voter-approved System Expansion, this project will add approximately 10 additional miles of track and four new light rail stations by 2030.

Earlier in 2019, the Sound Transit Board of Directors established a preferred route and station alternative, as well as additional routes and station alternatives, for study during the environmental review process.

Below you’ll find an update on our work since spring 2019, including design options for parking and bus access at stations and interactions with surface streets. Now’s your chance to ask questions and learn about our next steps.

Link light rail commuters exit onto the platform as the train departs.
Regional light rail is coming to South King and Pierce Counties.
A map of Sound Transit Link light rail connections in 2030, with the Red, Blue, Green and Orange Lines. The Red line will connect Lynnwood, Seattle and West Seattle, the Blue Line will connect Bellevue, Seattle and Lynnwood, the Green Line will connect Seattle, Tacoma and Federal Way, and the Orange Line connects the Tacoma Dome to the Hilltop District
Link light rail lines in service by 2035

South Federal Way

Route and station alternatives

The Board’s preferred route in South Federal Way is the SF Enchanted Parkway alternative (previously known as SF 2 West). From the Federal Way Transit Center, this preferred route generally follows I-5 South until turning west toward Enchanted Parkway near South 344th Street. A station would be located at Enchanted Parkway and South 352nd Street.

We’re also evaluating another route and station option, called the SF I-5 alternative (previously known as SF 8/9), which would continue running along the Interstate.

Click + to check out in-progress station designs below.

A map of the Tacoma Dome Link Extension South Federal Way segment with a preferred alignment along Enchanted Parkway and an alignment along I-5.
We’re studying these South Federal Way route and station alternatives in the Draft EIS. To view the entire project area, click on the image.


Route and station alternatives

The Sound Transit Board identified one preferred alternative location for Fife station, in the community’s planned City Center, between 12th and 15th streets east, just west of 59th Avenue East (In previous outreach, this preferred station option was known as Fife 3B.)

The preferred alternative route between South Federal Way and Fife is along I-5 to the Fife curve near 70th Avenue East, where it begins to gradually shift north to connect to the station. 

There is no preferred alternative route west of Fife station to the Puyallup River. We’re considering two alternatives in the environmental review process: one along I-5, and another along SR 99/Pacific Highway. Both potential routes cross the Puyallup River north of I-5.

Click + check out in-progress station designs below

A map of the Tacoma Dome Link Extension Fife segment area with a preferred alternative along Pacific Highway and I-5 east of the station and west of Port of Tacoma Road, and two alternatives west of the station along Pacific Highway and I-5.
We're studying these Fife alternatives in the Draft EIS. To view the entire project area, click on the image. 


The Tacoma segment of TDLE includes two stations: Portland Avenue and Tacoma Dome

Two stations will serve Tacoma riders. From Port of Tacoma Road, the Board’s preferred alternative crosses the Puyallup River near I-5 and curves north to the Portland Avenue station, along East 26th Street. (In previous outreach, this station was referred to as ET3).

Between the Portland Avenue station and the Tacoma Dome, there are four route alternatives, mainly along East 25th Street and E 26th Street (previously known as TD 2, TD 3 and TD 4 East In-Street, respectively). In the Tacoma Dome area, we’re studying four station locations, including a new station option called “Close to Sounder.”

Click + check out in-progress station designs at Portland Avenue and the Tacoma Dome below:

A map of the Tacoma Dome Link Extension Tacoma segment, with stations at Portland Ave and Tacoma Dome. There is one route alternative east of the Portland Ave Station and three route alternatives west of the station. There are four station alternatives at the Tacoma Dome Station.
We're studying these Portland Avenue and Tacoma Dome alternatives in the Draft EIS. To view the entire project area, click on the image.

Next steps and resources

Our timeline

The preferred alternative for routes and stations, along with other alternatives advanced by the Sound Transit Board, will be studied in a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), expected to be issued in 2021. After collecting and considering public input on the Draft EIS, the Sound Transit Board will confirm or modify the preferred alternative for evaluation in a Final EIS. The Final EIS will also respond to comments on the Draft EIS and is scheduled to be published in 2022. After the Final EIS is issued the Board will select the project to be built. 

The three stages of the Tacoma Dome Link Extension project and public involvement. Planning will continue though 2022. The Draft EIS and Final EIS will occur from 2019 to 2022. Design is from 2022 to 2025, and construction will begin in 2025 and Tacoma Dome Link will begin service in 2030.

Equity and inclusion

Sound Transit is committed to inclusively engaging those who live and work along the project corridor, including historically-underrepresented communities. Throughout planning and environmental review, we are working closely with these communities to identify and understand potential benefits and impacts and to provide opportunities for meaningful engagement.

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What can I expect as a project neighbor?

If you are a resident, business or property owner near a TDLE route or station alternative, we encourage you to sign up for project email updates. The EIS will evaluate property impacts of potential sites in detail following further design work. An official decision by the Sound Transit Board about which route and stations to build for TDLE will occur following the issue of the Final EIS in 2022.

Staying engaged

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Ways to stay engaged

How to stay engaged with the Tacoma Dome Link Extension project. To contact us, call the project hotline or email tdlink@soundtransit.org. Complete our online surveys or learn more on our project website. The project sends out periodic email updates and social media updates. Attend public events to learn about the project, and sign up for a project briefing.