Portland Avenue

Explore what we’re studying in the Portland Avenue station area of the Tacoma segment

Status of Portland Avenue route and station alternatives

The Tacoma Segment of the project will have two stations: at Portland Avenue and the Tacoma Dome. We’re studying the following alternatives in the Portland Avenue area:


  • (Preferred) Tacoma 25th Street-West
  • Portland Avenue Design Option


  • Portland Avenue Station
  • Portland Avenue Span Station Option
Satellite map of Tacoma Dome route and station alternatives. East Tacoma has two station alternatives being considered on Portland Ave E. Tacoma Dome has four station alternatives being considered.  E 25th St – West is the preferred route alternative.  Click map to view a full-size PDF map.
We’re studying these Portland Avenue route and station alternatives in the Draft EIS. Click to enlarge map (PDF)

Check out progress on the Portland Avenue station design concepts

Representative map of Portland Avenue route and station alternatives. The preferred route alternative passes through a station alternative located between Portland Ave E and E Bay St. A second station alternative spans the road of Portland Ave E and is adjacent to Sound Transit Sounder tracks. Click map to view a full-size PDF map.
A closer look at the Portland Avenue station area. | Click to enlarge map (PDF)

Key station design concept components of the Portland Avenue station include:

  • Bus transfer area: Four bus stops beneath or near the station platform for easy transit connections
  • Bicycle storage: Racks and lockers located under the station platform
  • Pick-up/drop-off spaces: Short-term parking areas located near the station platform

The following station design concepts show how people may get to the station by bicycle (in green), as a pedestrian (in blue) and by bus (in red). Check out the diagrams, then share your comments on how people will come and go from the station as well as the station design concepts themselves.

Give us your feedback: Portland Avenue station

ST TDLE - 077-032-002 - Portland Ave - feedback

How often do you usually visit the Portland Avenue area?
How would you like to access the future Portland Avenue station including the nearby station area? Select all that apply:
1. Do you have input on the pathways in and out of Portland Avenue station? Select a station alternative and comment
2. Do you have comments on any of the station design concepts? Select a station alternative and comment.

Accessing Portland Avenue station via non-motorized modes (walking, rolling and bicycling)

To provide access for all future riders, we want to make sure there are safe and convenient walking, rolling and cycling routes between the Portland Avenue station and neighborhoods, businesses and community gathering places.

  • The map and table show potential non-motorized access improvements for consideration and evaluation.
  • Some non-motorized access improvements combine pedestrian and bicycle improvements, while others are only one or the other.

Whether you walk, bike or roll to your Link station, we will evaluate these non-motorized access projects with your convenience and safety in mind. Explore the map, leave comments and offer new ideas.

Learn more about the potential Portland Avenue Non-Motorized Access Improvement Projects

We are considering the following non-motorized access improvement projects for the Portland Avenue station. Sound Transit’s funding resources to implement these projects is limited, so the evaluation process will help us prioritize projects for each station area. Comment on as many or as few as you prefer.

The map and table below convey the same information.

Potential Portland Avenue Non-Motorized Access Improvement Projects (full table)

Having trouble viewing the map? View on Social Pinpoint.

Portland Avenue Non-Motorized Access Improvement Projects

Thank you for your feedback!

Be sure to visit the South Federal Way, Fife, and Tacoma Dome pages to comment on the other stations, then learn about next steps for the project.