Operations and Maintenance Facility: South

A new operations and maintenance facility

To serve the expanding regional Link light rail system, additional operations and maintenance facilities (OMF) are needed to efficiently operate the long-term light rail vehicle fleet. The central OMF in Seattle is in operation now, the east location is under construction in Bellevue, and two new facilities are needed in the north and south. The OMF South will support overall light rail system expansion.

Link vehicles must be cleaned and stored every night and regularly pulled out of service to perform routine maintenance. Operations and maintenance facilities support efficient light rail operations and station maintenance.

What sites are being considered?

A specific site for the OMF South has not yet been identified. Approximately 25 initial location suggestions for the OMF South were identified through workshops with technical staff and by the public during early scoping for the project from Kent to Tacoma. These sites were then screened to identify the locations that met minimum requirements for size, shape, consistency with Sound Transit plans, and environmental considerations. Of the initial site suggestions, almost 20 sites have been identified for further evaluation.

Next steps

Sound Transit will evaluate the sites advancing out of pre-screening to help determine which ones should be studied through a public environmental process.

Evaluation criteria include:

  • Environmental factors – What are the potential impacts to the natural and built environment?
  • Operational, financial, and technical factors – What are the potential barriers to building and operating the facility?
  • Plan consistency –Are the locations consistent with approved Sound Transit plans?

The results of this evaluation will be shared in a public environmental process in the coming months – please stay tuned for details!