Next steps for station planning

Thanks for previewing our station design concept and access work. We'll share more updates as we continue to advance the preliminary design.

  • Your ideas on how to improve access to Link stations will help Sound Transit and our local partners develop and evaluate access projects to address your concerns.
  • We'll report back on these projects in the coming months, so sign up to follow along.

Learn more about the upcoming Draft EIS

An Environmental Impact Statement, or EIS for short, provides agencies, tribes and the public an understanding of a project's potential impacts to the natural and built environment, and it identifies ways to mitigate unavoidable impacts. Through this process, we analyze each alternative and design option, considering things like effects on historic and cultural resources, residential properties, businesses, communities, the local economy and other resources.

The project is now in environmental review. In the near future, we expect to publish the Draft EIS, at which time we'll also invite the public, agencies and tribes to provide formal comments.

We'll then conduct a Final EIS, which will include updates as needed, further evaluation of preferred alternatives identified by the Board following comments on the Draft EIS, and of the other alternatives considered in the Draft EIS. The Final EIS will also include responses to all public, agency, and tribal comments submitted on the Draft EIS.

After publication of the Final EIS, the Sound Transit Board will select the project to be built, informed by the EIS analyses and public, tribal and agency comments.

A woman and a mancrouch over tall grass to take measurements of the soil.

To learn more about the different types of fieldwork activities we may conduct in your neighborhood, check out our fact sheet .